1XBET Promo Code 2024

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1XBET Promo Code – the utmost advantageous reward accessible for novices to engage during the initial sign-up on the website. Through this manual, participants gather additional data on prevalent 1XBET promotional codes, methods to initiate them, and the regulations for pulling out the bonus money.
1xbet Malaysia

1xbet promo codes in 2024 offer Malaysian players an enriching betting experience, providing opportunities for elevated winnings and securing advantageous playing conditions. These promotional codes, available for various events and games, are designed to enhance the wagering journey of both novice and seasoned gamblers in Malaysia, giving them access to exclusive offers and promotions, thereby optimizing their stakes and potential returns during the betting process.

How do I get a 1xbet promotion code 

  1. Visit the 1xBet Website or App: Access the 1xBet official website or download the 1xBet mobile app.
  2. Start Registration: Begin the process to create a new account.
  3. Enter Details: Provide your phone details or use the one-click registration option.
  4. Use Promo Code: Insert the exclusive promo code 1x_1333617 in the designated area.
  5. Confirm Account: Complete the account registration and verification process.
  6. Claim Your Bonus: After registering, you can claim your first deposit match and an additional 30% bonus using the promo code.
Promo codes from 1xBet

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100% bonus on the 1st deposit up to 500 MYR!
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Promo Offers from 1xBet

1xBet offers a wide array of promo offers for Malaysian players:

  • Become a Legend: Place live single bets of at least 9 MYR on FIFA matches with minimum odds of 1.8.
  • Winning Formula: Bet at least 14 MYR on Formula 1 events to earn promo tickets and enter a superprize draw.
  • Goalless Football: Bet on W1 or W2 in football and get up to 101 MYR bonus if the first half ends 0:0.
  • Accumulator Battle: The top bettor each month wins their choice of superprize.
  • No Risk Bet: Get a free bet if your bet loses on selected events.
  • Blaugrana Crew: Bet on FC Barcelona matches, use tactics to win more tickets, and earn prizes.
  • The PCG Show: Bet on Paris Saint-Germain matches, earn tickets, and win prizes in draws.
  • Lucky Day: Win 500 promo points daily by betting at least 10 MYR.
  • Top Up & Win: Deposit via Skrill or NETELLER for a chance to win Apple gadgets.
  • Daily Games Tournament: Win prizes daily by playing your favorite games.
  • Hyper Bonus: Win and get up to a 250% bonus.
  • Champions Season: Bet on Champions League matches for promotional tickets and bonus draws.
  • Cricket Free Bet: Get a free bet for losing bets on selected cricket events.
  • Cricket World Cup: Bet on the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup and participate in superprize draws.
  • Evaginarium: Complete tasks in the game for a chance to win exclusive prizes.
  • TVBET Accumulator: Play TVBET and win weekly.
  • TVBET Jackpot: Place bets in TVBET for a chance to hit the jackpot.

1xbet Promo Codes for Sports

For sports enthusiasts in Malaysia, 1xbet offers enticing Promo Codes for Sports, providing an opportunity to maximize winnings during the thrilling Champions season.

SportBet TypeRequirementsPromo Value
FootballAccumulatorMin. 3 events, each with odds of 1.8 or higher50
FootballSingleOdds of 1.80 or higher50
TennisSingleOdds of 1.80 or higher50
BasketballSingleOdds of 1.80 or higher50
VolleyballSingleOdds of 1.80 or higher50
Ice HockeySingleOdds of 1.80 or higher50
Ice HockeyAccumulatorMin. 3 events, each with odds of 1.8 or higher50
TennisAccumulatorMin. 3 events, each with odds of 1.8 or higher50
BasketballAccumulatorMin. 3 events, each with odds of 1.8 or higher50
VolleyballAccumulatorMin. 3 events, each with odds of 1.8 or higher50
Promo codes for sport from 1xBet

1xbet Casino Promo Codes

Engage in a thrilling casino experience with 1xbet’s Casino Promo Codes exclusively for Malaysian players. Elevate your winnings by 200% by engaging in 1xGames! Upon logging in and opting into bonus offers, you can delight in a myriad of games with a minimal stake of 5 MYR. Daily, 1xbet randomly selects 10,000 bets, generously multiplying their winnings by odds of x2. Such offers exclude specific games like Roulette and PF Poker Light but embrace a broader gaming spectrum available on various devices. This promotion ensures immediate withdrawal of winnings accrued, fostering a seamless gaming adventure. Dive into 1xbet’s casino realm where every bet placed potentially unlocks a door to amplified winnings, with the prospect of your bet being the charm of good fortune! The more you play, the higher the winning chances, making every game on the platform not just entertaining but also rewarding.

Casino promo codes from 1xBet

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100% bonus on the 1st deposit up to 500 MYR!
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1xBet Games with Promo Codes

1xBet Games with Promo Codes” offers a variety of interactive games where players can use promo points for enhanced gaming experiences. Options include the Lucky Wheel and Wheel of Fortune for 50 points each, offering spins for potential rewards. The Lottery, Chest, and Safe games also cost 50 points, providing chances to win bonuses and participate in a virtual heist. For 100 points, players can access free 6 MYR bets in games like Under and Over 7, Dice, Apple of Fortune, 21, 777, Grand Theft Auto, and Formula 1, adding excitement and variety to their gaming.

GameDescriptionCost (Promo Points)
Lucky WheelSpins of the Lucky Wheel50
Wheel of FortuneMore spins for increased luck50
LotteryBuy a lucky lottery ticket50
ChestOpen a chest to find daily bonuses50
SafeWin fantastic bonuses in a virtual heist50
Under and Over 7Free 6 MYR bet for Under and Over 7100
MemoryPlay a game for success and bonuses50
DiceFree 6 MYR bet for Dice100
Apple of FortuneFree 6 MYR bet for Apple of Fortune100
21Free 6 MYR bet for 21100
777Free 6 MYR bet for 777100
Grand Theft AutoFree 6 MYR bet for Grand Theft Auto100
Formula OneFree 6 MYR bet for Formula 1100

Betting Promo Codes

Betting Promo Code at 1xBet is a special code that players can use to access various types of free bets on the platform. These codes allow users to place bets without using their own funds, covering options like single bets, accumulators, TOTO, and the Bet Constructor. Offered at a cost of promo points, these codes enhance the betting experience by providing additional opportunities to bet on different events and games, increasing the chances of winning while minimizing personal financial risk.

BetDescriptionCost (Promo Points)
Single BetFree single bet on any event with odds of 1.80 or higher.50
AccumulatorFree accumulator bet on 3+ events, each with odds of 1.8+.50
TOTOFree bet on any TOTO.50
Bet ConstructorFree bet on Bet Constructor.50

Esports Promo Code

An Esports Promo Code at 1xBet is a special code that grants users a free bet on various esports events. These codes enable players to engage in popular esports categories like FIFA, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, martial arts, and wrestling without using their own funds. Each code, available for a cost in promo points, requires a minimum odds of 1.80 or higher for the bet. This offers a risk-free way to enjoy betting on favorite esports games, enhancing the overall gaming experience on 1xBet.

NameDescriptionCost (Promo Points)
ESPORTS-FIFAFree bet on eSports FIFA, odds of 1.80 or higher50
ESPORTS BasketballFree bet on eSports Basketball, odds 1.80+50
ESPORTS TennisFree bet on eSports Tennis, odds 1.80+50
ESPORTS Ice HockeyFree bet on eSports Ice Hockey, odds 1.80+50
ESPORTS Martial ArtsFree bet on eSports Martial Arts, odds 1.80+50
ESPORTS WrestlingFree bet on eSports Wrestling, odds 1.80+50

These promo codes offer free betting opportunities in various eSports categories, all requiring a minimum odds of 1.80 and available for 50 promo points each.

Advantages 1xbet Promo Codes

  • 1xbet provides various promo codes enhancing the betting experience of players in Malaysia, making it exciting and rewarding. These codes are designed to benefit users in sports betting and casino games, offering different advantages depending on the context of use.
  • In sports betting, users can participate in promotions related to specific events, like the Champions League and Formula 1. By placing bets of certain amounts, players receive promotional tickets, increasing their chances of winning cash, bonus points, or valuable items. These promotions, bound by specific terms and conditions, are designed to reward active and consistent players, incentivizing participation in selected events and bets.
  • The 1xbet Casino also offers enticing promo codes for Malaysian players. With opportunities to double winnings in 1xGames, players can win more with each bet placed. Every day, thousands of bets are randomly selected to have their winnings multiplied, creating an exciting and unpredictable gaming experience.
  • Players need to register or log into the 1xBet website to take part in these offers, with specific eligibility criteria in place for participation. The promotions are accessible to all registered users who have filled in the necessary details in their profiles and opted to participate in bonus offers.
  • Remember to approach betting responsibly, understanding the associated risks and the importance of making informed decisions. Betting should be entertaining and enjoyable, so take advantage of promo codes to enhance your experience, but do so thoughtfully and cautiously.


1xBet promo codes in Malaysia offer several key advantages for both sports betting and casino gaming:

  • Exclusive Offers: Access to special offers and promotions.
  • Enhanced Winnings: Potential for increased winnings through various bets.
  • Promotional Entries: Opportunities to participate in exclusive contests and events.
  • User-Friendly: Easy process for acquiring and using promo codes.
  • Versatile: Suitable for both seasoned bettors and newcomers.
  • Responsible Betting: Encourages a balanced and informed approach to betting for entertainment and potential rewards.

These codes enrich the gaming and betting experience, allowing players to seamlessly incorporate extra benefits into their strategies while emphasizing responsible engagement.


What benefits do 1xBet promo codes offer in Malaysia?

1xBet promo codes in Malaysia offer players exclusive access to additional rewards, bonuses, and promotional entries in both sports betting and casino games, enhancing the overall gaming and betting experience.

How do I obtain and use a 1xBet promo code?

Obtain 1xBet promo codes by registering on their website or app, and opt into bonus offers in your account settings. Use the codes when placing bets to unlock various bonuses and rewards.

Are there any special offers for casino games with 1xBet promo codes?

Yes, 1xBet offers special casino promo codes that allow players to win double on 1xGames, with 10,000 bets selected daily for multiplied winnings, increasing your chances of winning.

Are there restrictions on using 1xBet promo codes in Malaysia?

There are some restrictions; for instance, certain games might not be included in the offer, and each promo code comes with specific terms and conditions that players must adhere to. Ensure to read these before participating.

+100% on the first deposit
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