Terms and Conditions 1xBet

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This page comprehensively explores the 'Terms and Conditions 1xBet', detailing the key aspects that govern the relationship between the bookmaker and its users. It covers general terms, crucial definitions like bets, outcomes, and customer responsibilities, alongside betting rules and restrictions, ensuring clarity and transparency for both beginners and experienced Malaysian players in the online betting landscape.

The Terms and Conditions of 1xBet form the fundamental framework governing the relationship between the bookmaker and its customers. These rules are meticulously crafted to ensure fairness and clarity in all aspects of betting, encompassing a wide range of topics from bet types, such as singles, accumulators, and system bets, to financial transactions including deposits and withdrawals. They also detail the protocols for live betting, customer support, and the extensive array of sports and events available for betting. The 1xBet Terms and Conditions serve as a comprehensive guide, ensuring users are well-informed about their betting journey.

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General Terms and Definitions

In the realm of 1xBet betting, understanding key terms and definitions is crucial for making informed decisions. This section elucidates some common terms used in the platform’s operations.

  • Bet: A bet is essentially a risk-driven agreement potentially leading to winnings, formed between the customer and the bookmaker under the established rules. The agreement’s fulfillment hinges on an event with an uncertain outcome. Bets are accepted based on conditions provided by the bookmaker.
  • Outcome: The outcome refers to the result of the event or series of events on which a bet was placed. It is the determining factor of whether a bet wins or loses based on the conditions stipulated at the time of betting.
  • Customer: The term customer denotes an individual who engages with the bookmaker by placing bets on various outcomes. These customers are the cornerstone of the betting process, initiating the bet by choosing an outcome to wager on.
  • Bet Cancellation: Bet cancellation occurs when a bet is declared void, meaning it is not settled, and winnings are not paid out. In such cases, as per the bookmaker’s rules, the agreement between the customer and bookmaker is considered null, and the stake is refunded to the customer.
  • Regular Time: Regular time is the standard duration of a match as dictated by the rules of the specific sport involved. It includes any additional time the referee may add but excludes extra periods like overtime, penalty shootouts, or any other extensions beyond the normal playing time.

This terminology forms the foundation of understanding and participating in the betting process at 1xBet, ensuring both clarity and fairness in all betting activities.

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General Terms

At 1xBet, users must agree to the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for registration and use. These GTC, available primarily in English, are subject to changes, with users informed at least two weeks prior to any updates. The platform operates under Curaçao eGaming license 1668/JAZ and mandates adherence to the Responsible Gaming Agreement (RGA), including its Gaming Terms and Conditions (GT&C), emphasizing user and community protection.

The platform restricts betting for individuals under 18, direct participants in the events bet on, representatives of other bookmakers, and those legally barred from betting contracts. 1xBet is not intended for use in countries where betting is illegal, and users are responsible for compliance with local laws. The platform may close accounts and refund balances (minus recent winnings) for users in jurisdictions where its use is prohibited.

Bets are settled based on data from the processing center, with winnings paid within 30 days of the event’s official result publication. Bets are deemed won if all outcomes are correctly predicted. However, bet terms may vary post-bet placement, not affecting the terms at the time of betting.

1xBet may void bets in cases of technical failures, evident odds errors, or suspected unsportsmanlike conduct. Bets on events under investigation for match-fixing are settled at odds of 1. The platform adheres to anti-manipulation policies in sports, aligning with international regulations against match-fixing and organized crime.

Bets are final once placed, and any transliteration errors in team names or event titles do not affect bet settlement. 1xBet is not liable for indirect losses and may update these Rules, with changes effective immediately upon website publication. Users are informed about winning odds and associated risks. All financial transactions are managed via the “My Account” section.

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FAQ for 'Terms and Conditions 1xBet'

What happens if 1xBet updates its General Terms and Conditions?

If 1xBet updates its General Terms and Conditions, users are notified at least two weeks in advance. Existing users have the option to discontinue using the services before the updates take effect, ensuring transparency and user choice in response to any changes.

Who is not allowed to place bets on 1xBet?

1xBet prohibits betting from individuals under 18, direct participants in the events (like athletes, coaches, referees), representatives of other bookmakers, and anyone legally barred from entering betting contracts. This policy ensures fairness and integrity in betting.

How are bets settled and winnings paid at 1xBet?

Bets at 1xBet are settled based on data from the processing center. Winnings are paid within 30 days following the official publication of the results of the event included in the bet slip. This ensures a structured and timely approach to bet settlement and payout.

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