1XBET Registration Guide

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Registering with 1XBET is a straightforward process, requiring just a few minutes of your time and a few uncomplicated steps. We aim to offer you a brief tutorial on creating an account and addressing common queries about 1XBET registration.

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100% bonus on the 1st deposit up to 500 MYR!
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In this comprehensive review, we delve into the nuances of 1xbet registration within the context of Malaysia, highlighting its enticing promo codes. From the step-by-step registration process, both via the website and the mobile app, to the terms of use and frequently asked questions, this article serves as a detailed guide for new and prospective users eager to maximize their betting experience.

Registration on the 1xbet

For players new to the world of online betting, registration is your gateway to exploring the myriad opportunities the platform offers. Why is registration at 1xbet essential? First, it provides secure access to your personal gaming dashboard. Secondly, post-registration, you unlock a suite of benefits, from welcome bonuses to personalized betting options.

  1. Clear Browser Cookies: Before starting, clear your browser cookies to ensure a smooth registration process.
  2. Visit the Official 1xBet Website: Type “1xbet” in your browser’s search field and click on the official website link.
  3. Initiate Registration: On the 1xBet homepage, click the green ‘Registration’ button located in the top right corner.
  4. Complete the Registration Form: Choose to register by phone, email, or social networks. Fill in your details accurately, as they are crucial for communication and account security.
  5. Verify Your Email or Phone: Follow the verification steps sent to your email or phone to secure your account.
  6. Complete Registration: After verification, your 1xBet account is set up and ready to use.

First Deposit: Go to the ‘Deposit’ section to add funds to your account. To get the welcome bonus, express your interest in the ‘Account Setting’ under ‘My Account’.

Mobile Registration: Malaysian players can also register via mobile using the 1xBet app or mobile browser, following the same steps as on desktop.

1xBet registration form

Register in 1XBET
100% bonus on the 1st deposit up to 500 MYR!
Last used 6 minutes ago

Login to your personal account in 1xbet

After successfully completing the registration process, accessing the treasures of 1xbet becomes an anticipation-filled moment for many. Logging into your personal account is the bridge to this universe of betting opportunities.

To initiate the 1xbet login, visit the official site and focus on the top-right corner. You’ll spot fields designated for your username and password. Fill in these details and click on the login button. In mere seconds, you’ll dive deep into a tailored dashboard, chock-full of customized betting options and real-time data.

1xBet login

What to do if you forgot your password or login?

Forgetting login details, especially passwords, can happen to the best of us. If you’re in this predicament, fret not; 1xbet has got you covered. On the login page, right below the password field, you’ll notice a link labeled “Forgot your password?”. Clicking on it will guide you through a series of security questions and email verifications. By following these steps, you’ll promptly receive a reset link, enabling you to restore your account’s access.

Change password on 1xbet site

Security in online betting is paramount. For this reason, periodically changing your password is a recommended best practice. The process on 1xbet is designed to be straightforward.

  1. Log In to Your 1xBet Account: Access the 1xBet site and log in with your current credentials.
  2. Navigate to ‘My Account’: Once logged in, go to the ‘My Account’ section typically found in the top right corner or through the main menu.
  3. Select ‘Change Password’: In the ‘My Account’ section, look for the ‘Change Password’ option.
  4. Verify Current Password: Enter your current password for verification. This step is crucial for security reasons.
  5. Enter New Password: Choose a new, strong password. It’s recommended to use a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols for enhanced security.
  6. Confirm New Password: Re-enter your new password to confirm it.
  7. Submit the Change: Complete the process by submitting the change. You should receive a confirmation indicating that your password has been successfully updated.

Remember, regularly updating your password on 1xBet enhances the security of your account, ensuring safer betting experiences. If you ever forget your password, 1xBet provides easy-to-follow steps for recovery to regain access to your account.

Register in 1XBET
100% bonus on the 1st deposit up to 500 MYR!
Last used 6 minutes ago

KYC Account Verification at 1xbet

For Malaysian players eager to explore 1xbet’s offerings, ensuring your account’s security and credibility is paramount. The 1xbet verification process serves this purpose, guaranteeing safe transactions and adherence to the platform’s terms.

  1. Purpose: 1xbet’s verification process enhances account security and ensures adherence to platform terms, crucial for safe transactions.
  2. KYC Verification: After account activation, you may be asked for documents for Know Your Customer (KYC) verification, a standard measure against fraud.
  3. Required Documents: Provide scanned copies or photos of ID, passport, or a utility bill with your name and address.
  4. Importance: This step confirms your identity and protects against money laundering, essential for enabling withdrawals.
  5. Processing Time: Verification typically takes up to 72 hours after submitting documents.
  6. Support: For any issues, contact support via live chat or at [email protected].
  7. Outcome: Verified accounts ensure secure and compliant transactions on the 1xbet platform.
KYC verification at 1xBet

User requirements for creating an account with 1xbet

To create an account with 1xbet in Malaysia, you must meet several requirements:

  1. Age: You need to be at least 18 years old or the legal gambling age in your country.
  2. Internet Connection: A stable Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection is required, accessible via a PC, smartphone, or tablet.
  3. Legal Jurisdiction: You should reside in an area where online betting is legal, and 1xbet’s operations are permitted. Note that 1xbet is restricted in countries like the Netherlands, UK, USA, and Spain.
  4. Terms and Conditions: Familiarize with and accept 1xbet’s detailed terms and conditions during registration, which cover the expected conduct on the platform and various betting scenarios.
  5. Account Integrity: Creating duplicate accounts or providing false details can lead to account deactivation. Multiple accounts per user are not allowed and can result in the closure of all related accounts.

Possible problems with login and registration

Navigating the digital realm of betting in Malaysia, especially on platforms like 1xbet, can sometimes pose challenges, especially when it comes to logging in or registering. If you’re facing such hurdles, here’s a guide to help:

  • Internet Connectivity: Before diving deep, ensure your internet connection is stable, as unstable connections often hinder login processes.
  • Browser Cache: Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies might be a straightforward fix to seemingly complex login troubles.
  • Browser Swap: Consider switching browsers. Some login issues are browser-specific and trying an alternate one might resolve them.
  • Stay Updated: An outdated browser could be the culprit. Update it to the latest version for optimal compatibility.
  • VPN/Proxy Services: If you’re employing a VPN or proxy, disabling it could smoothen your login process.
  • 1xbet Website Status: Verify if 1xbet’s site is active. There are online tools available for such checks.
  • Customer Support: Persistent issues? Reaching out to 1xbet’s customer support might be your best bet.
  • Password Reset: Forgotten passwords can be reset using the “Forgot Password” feature.
  • Account Verification: Ensure you’ve completed all verification processes to unlock full access.
  • Server Glitches: Sometimes, the issue might lie on 1xbet’s end due to temporary server issues. Keep an eye on their official channels for updates.

With these steps, most common login and registration issues should be easily resolved.

How to get a signup bonus from 1xbet

Leveraging bonuses in the world of online betting can offer a significant head start, especially for novices. For Malaysian bettors eyeing a fruitful beginning on 1xbet, there’s a lucrative offer in place: a 100% bonus on your initial deposit, up to 500 MYR. This means that if you deposit 500 MYR, you’ll have a whopping 1,000 MYR to play with! But how do you get this bonus? Here’s a straightforward step-by-step guide:

  1. Registration: Begin by registering on the official 1xBet website.
  2. Personal Details: Once registered, navigate to ‘My Account’ and diligently fill out all the personal information fields. Accurate details ensure smooth transactions in the future.
  3. Deposit: Proceed to make a deposit. While you can deposit any amount, remember that to avail the full benefit, consider depositing up to 500 MYR or its equivalent in another currency.
  4. Automatic Bonus Credit: Post deposit, the bonus amount will be automatically credited to your account. The maximum bonus you can receive is capped at 500 MYR.

It’s that simple! With these steps, you’re set to amplify your betting journey with 1xbet’s generous signup bonus. Happy betting!

1xBet welcome bonus

Registration via 1xbet app

Mobile betting has revolutionized the way players interact with their favorite betting platforms. For those in Malaysia keen on 1xbet, the registration process via the mobile app is seamless and user-friendly. Here’s a comprehensive step-by-step guide:

  1. System Requirements: Before initiating the process, ensure your device meets the prerequisites. Android users need an operating system version 5 or higher, while Apple enthusiasts should have iOS 11 or above.
  2. One-Touch Sign-Up: The app offers a quick registration via a one-touch sign-up method. It’s swift and gets you on board in seconds.
  3. Phone Number Registration: For those who prioritize security, opting for a phone number sign-up provides an extra layer of protection.
  4. Email Sign-Up: This traditional method requires you to provide an email address, set a password, and fill in some basic personal details.
  5. Social Media Sign-Up: If you’re looking for convenience, the social media sign-up allows you to link your account to platforms like Facebook, ensuring a streamlined registration.
  6. QR Code & Advanced Features: A unique feature of the 1xBet app is the ability to scan a QR code for swift access. Additionally, devices equipped with Face ID can integrate this feature for enhanced security during login.

By following these steps, Malaysian players can effortlessly create an account on 1xbet’s mobile app and kickstart their betting journey.

Register in 1XBET
100% bonus on the 1st deposit up to 500 MYR!
Last used 6 minutes ago

Terms of use of the 1xbet website

For Malaysian players eager to delve into the world of 1xbet, understanding the platform’s terms and conditions is paramount. Here are the essential guidelines and requirements that every prospective member should be cognizant of:

  • Age Restrictions: Firstly, age is a crucial factor. Only individuals who are 18 years or older can open an account.
  • Residency: Specifically for Malaysian residents, this platform tailors its offerings. Ensure you are a legitimate resident of Malaysia before proceeding.
  • Mobile Number: A registered Malaysian mobile number is mandatory for communication and verification purposes.
  • Accurate Information: During the registration process, the provision of accurate details is essential. Whether it’s a genuine password or other personal data, authenticity is key. If opting for phone registration, expect an SMS confirmation code to finalize the process.
  • Single Account Policy: 1xBet staunchly upholds a one-account-per-user rule. Multiple accounts can lead to penalties or account termination.
  • Bonus Selection: Players must choose between the sports betting registration bonus or the casino offer. It’s an either-or scenario.
  • Identity Verification: At any given point, 1xBet holds the right to request identity verification. Players must be ready with necessary identity documents to ensure uninterrupted betting access.

By adhering to these terms, players can enjoy a seamless experience on 1xbet, securing their bets and potential winnings.

Review of 1xbet Registration in Malaysia

  • 1xbet Registration: Registering with 1xbet Malaysia is a straightforward process that offers various methods, including email, phone number, and even through social media. The platform also accommodates mobile users with a dedicated app, ensuring a seamless registration process for both Android and iOS device users.
  • Login and Registration Issues: Users might occasionally face login problems. In such cases, checking internet connectivity, clearing browser cache, or attempting to log in from a different browser can help. Moreover, ensuring account verification and reaching out to customer support can further aid in resolving persistent issues.
  • Signup Bonus: 1xbet treats its new members with a lucrative offer: a 100% bonus on their first deposit, going up to 500 MYR. The bonus automatically credits to the user’s account post-deposit, offering an enhanced betting experience right from the start.
  • 1xbet App Registration: The platform’s mobile app registration mirrors its desktop counterpart but is tailored for mobile features. Unique features, such as QR code scans or Face ID recognition, add an extra layer of convenience and security.
  • Terms of Use: To utilize 1xbet’s services, users need to be at least 18 years old and Malaysian residents. The platform emphasizes the accuracy of the provided information during registration and mandates identity verification to uphold the platform’s integrity.

This synopsis serves as a concise guide to 1xbet’s promotional offerings in Malaysia, detailing the registration process and user terms.


1xbet has firmly established itself as a premier choice for online betting enthusiasts in Malaysia. The platform’s comprehensive registration process ensures that users have multiple avenues to sign up, be it via traditional means or through the convenience of their mobile app. Furthermore, the introductory offer of a 100% bonus on the first deposit, up to 500 MYR, showcases the brand’s commitment to providing value to its members. When combined with the rigorous terms of use and efficient customer support, it’s evident that 1xbet prioritizes a secure and user-centric betting experience. For those in Malaysia seeking a reliable and rewarding online betting platform, 1xbet stands out as an optimal choice.


How to register on 1xbet?

Registration on 1xbet can be accomplished either via their main website or the dedicated mobile app. Multiple sign-up options are available: one-touch, phone number, email, and through social media.

What bonuses are available for new players after registering with 1xbet?

New players are eligible for a 100% bonus on their first deposit, which can go up to 500 MYR. This bonus is credited automatically after making the deposit.

How to set up notifications from 1xbet to mail?

To set up email notifications, access your profile settings on the 1xbet platform. Navigate to notification settings and enable email notifications. Ensure your email address is correctly entered.

How to change your password in 1xbet?

Navigate to your account settings on the 1xbet platform. Choose the ‘Change Password’ option, then enter your current password and the desired new password. Confirm changes.

Can I use an alias as a login?

1xbet requires authentic personal details during registration. However, for the username, you can choose a preferred alias or nickname.

Can I make 1xbet registration online using only the app?

Yes, the 1xbet mobile app offers the full suite of registration options, making it easy to sign up directly from your mobile device.

Can I change my email address?

Yes, after logging into your 1xbet account, navigate to account settings to update or change your email address. Ensure it’s an address you frequently access.

Why don't I get an email?

If you’re not receiving emails, check your spam or junk folders. Ensure that your email settings aren’t blocking 1xbet. If issues persist, contact 1xbet customer support for assistance.

+100% on the first deposit
Register with 1xBet and receive a 100% bonus on the 1st deposit up to 500 MYR!